Accreditation and CPD

The AIBS Accreditation Scheme and CPD Program ensure that accredited persons have a certain level of education, experience, and are committed to ongoing maintenance of their skills and knowledge. 

AIBS Accreditation consists of the following levels:

Level 1: Building Surveyor
Level 2: Building Surveyor Limited
Level 3: Assistant Building Surveyor

For more detailed information on AIBS Accreditation, please read the AIBS Accreditation Scheme. The Scheme specifies:

  • appropriate categories of accreditation;
  • minimum qualifications a person must hold to be accredited in a particular category of accreditation;
  • minimum levels of experience a person must have to be accredited in a particular category of accreditation;
  • processes and procedures for the administration of the Scheme;
  • a Code of Conduct that each accredited person must adhere to; and
  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements for re-accreditation.

AIBS Accreditation typically covers a period of one year. An Accredited person can also apply for an upgrade of their Accreditation level.

Participation in the AIBS CPD Program is required for Accredited persons, and AIBS also recommends that all Members meet the minimum CPD points required per annum to keep their knowledge up to date. AIBS CPD Annual Returns are also accepted by other organisations, such as the NSW Department of Fair Trading and RICS.

In order to qualify as a Practicing Member of AIBS, you must hold current AIBS Accreditation.