AIBS CPD Program

The AIBS is committed to a national program of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) for all its Members and Accredited persons. CPD is “the systematic maintenance, improvement and broadening of knowledge and skill and the development of personal qualities necessary for the competent execution of professional and technical duties”. CPD is particularly important for Building Surveyors as their role involves having current knowledge of legislation, regulations and standards each of which is constantly changing.

The AIBS recommends 30 points of CPD per annum for all Members, and compliance with the AIBS CPD Program, including meeting the recommended number of points, is a requirement for AIBS Accreditation.

Further information regarding Continuous Professional Development can be found in the AIBS CPD Program.

Please note, the AIBS recommends all Members (whether they are accredited or not) should aim to achieve the Institute CPD standard:

  • A minimum of 90 points over the triennium
  • A minimum of 20 points in any one year



AIBS CPD Program
(Adobe PDF File)