TAS Chapter | Hobart | Compartmentation, Separation & Waterproofing

Rydges Hotel Hobart | 6 CPD Points | 26 March 2024

About this Event 26 March 2024

Compartmentation, Separation & Waterproofing - How to determine - A Building Surveyors Perspective

  Join us for an exclusive training program designed to enhance your expertise in Compartmentation, Separation, and Waterproofing from the perspective of a Building Surveyor. Presented in collaboration with industry experts Allan Harriman and Paul Ratcliff, this program will delve into key aspects of assessments, inspections, penetrations, and waterproofing considerations.

Session 1: Compartmentation and Inspections
Presenter: Alan Harriman

This session will concentrate on the critical elements of Compartmentation and Separation, emphasising penetrations of fire rated walls and floors. Topics covered include:

  • Understanding the purpose and intent of BCA requirements for fire separation and compartmentation.
  • Differentiating between a BCA-defined complying 'Fire Wall' and a wall with a Fire Resistance Level (FRL).
  • Exploring vertical and horizontal fire compartmentation and separation between building parts with different classifications.
  • Examining BCA DtS objectives related to external fire-rated walls designed to collapse inwards.
  • Addressing general floor limitations and vertical separation requirements.
  • Navigating building regulations concerning inspections, including the purpose, intent, and competency of inspectors.
  • Assessing openings in fire-rated wall and floor systems, exploring methods of protection and common pitfalls.

Session 2: Waterproofing Insights
Presenter: Paul Ratcliff

This session focuses specifically on AS 3740-2021, the new internal wet area standard, exploring its application in the National Construction Code (NCC). Topics covered include:

  • Identifying changes between AS 3740-2010 and AS 3740-2021.
  • Addressing conflicts between AS 3740-2021 and NCC.
  • Assessing deemed-to-satisfy details in AS 3740-2021 that may not work in practice.
  • Recognising details missing in AS 3740-2021 that require additional understanding.
  • Understanding waterproofing material selection requirements in compliance with AS 3740-2021.
  • Exploring inspection and certification processes for waterproofing in internal wet areas.

This training program is ideal for building surveyors new to the industry or those seeking to expand their knowledge through insights from industry experts. Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your understanding of building compliance in Compartmentation and Waterproofing.

About the Speakers

Allan Harriman - Jensen Hughes Pty Ltd 
Allan Harriman OAM is a respected fire safety engineer and building regulations consultant with close to 40 years of experience. Pragmatic and solution-focused, his impressive background and outstanding legislative knowledge allow him to build trusted relationships across the sector.

Allan established BCA Logic in 1997 to provide expert consultancy that empowers clients to create safer buildings. Renowned for his strategic nous and problem-solving skills, he’s talented at identifying practical solutions that meet compliance requirements and support project objectives. Allan specialises in building defects and litigation and spends much of his time acting as an expert witness in matters before the courts.

Allan is generous with his extensive knowledge and enjoys sharing his expertise to build the capability of those he works with. He was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) for service to the building and construction industry through professional associations in 2015. 

Paul Ratcliff - Paul Ratcliff Building and Inspection Reports Pty Ltd

In 2017 Paul established Paul Ratcliff Building and Inspection Reports Pty Ltd with a focus on building and waterproofing inspections, forensic investigation litigation and waterproofing training. He is a committee member (Past Chairman) of BD-038 Standards Committee that is tasked with reviewing the deemed to satisfy requirements for waterproofing both internal and external wet areas.
In 2004 Paul was the recipient of the Master Builders Association Recognition of Service Award for development of the Master Builders Best Practice Manual 'Guide to Internal Wet Area Waterproofing. He also received the NSW Department of Education and Training Initiative Award for participation in developing a nationally accredited training and assessment package for internal we area waterproofing. Paul is the Chairman of the Master Builders Association Waterproofing Technical Committee as well as an Accredited Building Consultant with the Master Builders Association. 

26 March 2024
Rydges Hobart
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26/03/2024 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Rydges Hobart 393 Argyle Street Hobart, TAS 7000 AUSTRALIA

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