NSW/ACT Chapter | AS 1668 Ventilation Training Event for Building Surveyors

Hornsby RSL | 6 CPD Points | 26 March 2024

About this Event 26 March 2024

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Elevate your knowledge and skills at this exclusive face-to-face training event brought to you by AIBS. Designed specifically for building surveyors of all levels operating in NSW, this comprehensive training program is your gateway to mastering ventilation requirements for buildings. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting your journey, this event is tailored to enrich your understanding and expertise.

Presenter:  Brett Fairweather
Renowned mechanical engineer and esteemed member of the technical committees overseeing the AS 1668 series. With his wealth of experience, Brett will lead you through an insightful exploration of ventilation principles and requirements.


 Session 1: Ventilation Fundamentals 
Dive into the core principles of dilution and filtration in ventilation. Brett will provide a comprehensive overview before delving into the performance requisites and the latest DTS (Deemed-to-Satisfy) clauses within the NCC 2022. Gain an in-depth understanding of the referenced Standards and their application in design, installation, commissioning, and record-keeping throughout the construction process.

Session 2: Fire and Smoke Control using Mechanical Services
Building upon the fundamentals, this session will expand the discussion to include fire and smoke control utilising mechanical systems. Discover how to effectively address fire safety concerns while verifying function and performance requirements.

Key Learning Outcomes:

  • Grasp lessons from the COVID-19 era about the significance of air dilution and filtration in buildings.
  • Uncover Performance Requirements relevant to Health & Amenity (Part F6 and F8) and energy-efficient implementation (Part J6).
  • Decode the interplay between AS 1668.2 (design requirements) and AS/NZS 3666.1 (installation, commissioning, and records).
  • Review the underlying Performance Criteria required for effective fire and smoke control using mechanical services.
  • Recognise DTS applications for the necessary fire resistance and smoke hazard management using AS 1668.1 and its references to AS 1682 and AS 4254
  • Recognize the role of maintenance beyond construction and the importance of accurate record-keeping.
  • Analyse the evolving dynamics of natural and mechanical ventilation systems amidst changing construction paradigms.
  • Navigate mechanical Standards as comprehensive toolboxes for different applications, clarifying tool selection for specific scenarios.
  • Examine various ventilation types and strategies pertinent to building surveyors.
  • Understand the essential information required post-construction to validate compliance, empowering you to demand necessary records for certification roles.

Interactive Workshops
Engage in hands-on workshops that integrate real-world examples, providing a practical and immersive learning experience. These workshops will be tailored to resonate with the challenges faced by building surveyors in NSW, ensuring you walk away with actionable insights.

Don't miss out on this exceptional opportunity to bolster your skills and confidence in ventilation requirements.

About the Speaker

Brett Fairweather

Brett Fairweather is a qualified mechanical engineer, with around 20 years’ experience in mechanical design for the local building services industry. Brett established It’s Engineered in recent years to allow ongoing involvement in projects throughout the industry, while enabling greater opportunities to contribute to industry training and awareness of issues, particularly those relating to his experience and knowledge of Codes and Standards developed during active roles in the following:

  • Member of Standards Australia sub-committee ME-062-01, responsible for AS1668.1-2015
  • Member of Standards Australia sub-committee ME-062-02, responsible for AS1668.2 and AS1668.4
  • Member of the Building Regulatory Advisory Council, for the NSW Department of Planning and Environment
  • Industry training seminars and bespoke events relating ventilation requirements, smoke control, fire dampers, essential safety measures, revisions to Standards and other associated mechanical engineering activities.

Brett has agreed to support AIBS in this event, in the hope that he may pass on some of his knowledge in these areas, to assist building surveyors and certifiers to identify the right questions to ask and what information to source when evaluating a project.

26 March 2024
Hornsby RSL
6 type B CPD points



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26/03/2024 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
E. Australia Standard Time
Hornsby RSL 4 High St Hornsby, NSW 2077 AUSTRALIA
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