Energy Efficiency for Commercial Buildings Based on First Principals | Webinar

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About this Event Thursday 18 April 2024 

Building Surveyors must possess expertise in various technical areas to ensure compliance with regulations for commercial buildings. As part of the assessment process, we review designs from allied professionals and accept certificates of compliance for their respective roles. However, this acceptance should be based on a comprehensive understanding and a crucial aspect is the evaluation of energy efficiency, particularly under section J of the NCC, for commercial buildings.

This tailored training webinar is designed specifically for building surveyors to equip you with the knowledge needed to confidently accept designs in good faith, grounded in a thorough understanding of the processes involved.

Key Topics Covered:

  • Typical scopes (e.g., excluding MEP, delineation between facades, ESD, and MEP)
  • Overview of the technical process for an energy model
  • Energy/GHG results and the influencing factors (heating energy, cooling energy, fresh air, lighting, etc.)
  • Factors affecting outcomes (SHGC, insulation, shading, etc.)
  • Strategies to identify attempts to manipulate the system and potential pitfalls

This event aims to provide building surveyors with the foundational knowledge necessary to assess the energy efficiency provisions for commercial-style buildings with confidence and competence.

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Date  Thursday 18 April 2024
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About the Speaker: Samantha Anderson

Samantha is an Associate in Building Physics who has a comprehensive understanding of building performance, facades and all properties of glass. 
Samantha is passionate about delivering high-performance buildings, but, in addition to this, trying to achieve greater clarity in the industry in regards to what a “high performance” building represents, and how these building can impact occupant comfort.  Samantha strives to change the perception that “air conditioning” is required to maintain comfort, and make people realise comfort can be achieved through the building envelope alone. 

18 April 2024
12:00pm - 2:00pm AEST
Zoom Webinar 
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18/04/2024 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM
AUS Eastern Standard Time

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