New Statement of Compliance Requirements in SA

A revised Statement of Compliance has been developed and will be implemented for use from 5 April 2024. Below we have reproduced text provided by PlanSA and at the end of this page you will find a Frequently Asked Questions sheet.

Whilst the form is changing, the matters that a builder and owner are required to address within the statement are not. The change will allow builders and owners to be more specific about what they are signing for which will enhance compliance and enforcement options.

This change will succeed if building surveyors are closely involved in explaining what has to be done and why to builders and owners, so it is important that you are aware and familiar with what to communicate.

We trust the information provided by AIBS and PlanSA is of assistance and ask that if you need any further information or assistance to please utilise the FAQ document supplied by PlanSA and if not covered there or in other information provided, please let us know. The FAQ document can be accessed below.

The PlanSA message is as follows:

The Government of South Australia is implementing a revised Statement of Compliance to assist builders and owners in the building hand-over process. The revised Statement of Compliance will come into operation on 5 April 2024 and will replace the previous version.

From 5 April 2024 the new form must be used and is available from the PlanSA website. The new form can be filled in and submitted electronically or downloaded and printed. Any old forms completed after this date will not be compliant and cannot be accepted.

To ensure that building completion is not delayed it is important that all builders, owners and other practitioners are aware of the new process and have updated to the correct version by 5 April 2024.

The revised Statement of Compliance is being implemented to help increase building safety through better communication and compliance.
Major changes in this updated form include:

Part A – Licensed building work contractor’s statement has been updated to:

  • include new requirements for all Class 1 buildings (replacing the list on the current form that applies to Class 1b buildings). The new requirements are more specific about what works are to be identified as completed.
  • identify, using check boxes, what items the building work contractor has completed, what items are not applicable to the building, and/or what items are ‘To be completed by owner’. This is to assist relevant authorities in consolidating documentation where multiple Statements of Compliance are issued for one building, alleviating some administrative burden.
  • require the building work contractor to list the building work included in the development authorisation that has not been completed and will be the responsibility of the person signing Part B – Owner’s statement to complete within the prescribed time frame (other than when those items are identified as ‘To be completed by owner’ in Part A).

Part B – Owner’s statement has been updated to require the owner to:

  • certify the builder has, to the best of the owner’s knowledge, completed the building work in accordance with the approved plans
  • certify that, where the building is a Class 1a building, they understand they are required to complete, or facilitate the completion of, any items identified as ‘To be completed by owner’
  • declare that they understand they may not occupy a building that does not meet the minimum requirements specified in regulation 103H of the Planning, Development and Infrastructure (General) Regulations 2017.

More information about the revised Statement of Compliance can be found here.