NCC 2022 Preview Draft Released

The ABCB have published the preview edition of all three volumes of NCC 2022 together with the Housing Provisions and a combined Volume Two and Housing Provisions document. These can be accessed here using your ABCB login details.
There are also two ABCB Standards which form an integral part of the NCC suite being the Livable Housing Design and Fire Safety Verification Method standards documents which are also accessible from the above link.
Please note, to access these documents, it will be necessary to expand the NCC 2022 item which defaults to the current edition list of documents. Clicking on the + symbol will expand the list of items.
Members are urged to take the opportunity with today’s release to begin the process of updating templates, check lists, forms and other documentation that currently references clauses in the NCC to reflect the new clause references, in addition to the usual process of evaluating the technical changes made.
The AIBS Technical Department is currently reviewing the documents and will provide further details about the changes via the Symposium, specific training events and other member communications. The Symposium is a virtual event over three days starting 28th June 2022. It will provide a valuable insight into what drove the changes, the options for addressing the need for change and why the changes that have been made are in the form adopted, all critical knowledge for practitioners to support professional practice going forward.
Look for information to be distributed soon on the Symposium and in the lead up to 1 September 2022 look out for opportunities to attend detailed training events supporting the new Code also.
AIBS is happy to hear from any member who believes that an aspect of what has been released today could be improved and about how you think AIBS could support practitioners and industry with the introduction of this change. Please contact us with your feedback on [email protected]