Queensland COVID-19 Restrictions

As you may have heard already, yesterday the Queensland government issued the restrictions on Businesses, Activities and Undertakings Direction (No. 21) aimed at limiting the spread of COVID-19. This has implications for building surveyors and to assist you to understand what is required, we have prepared the following summary of information from the directions issued.


Which areas are impacted:

The following Local Government Areas are subject to controls for three days from 6pm Tuesday 29 June:

  • Noosa
  • Sunshine Coast
  • Ipswich
  • Logan
  • Redlands
  • Moreton Bay
  • Brisbane
  • Gold Coast
  • Scenic Rim
  • Lockyer Valley
  • Somerset
  • Townsville City
  • Palm Island Aboriginal Shire

In addition, any person who was in South East Queensland, Townsville (including Magnetic Island) or Palm Island on or since 6pm Tuesday 29 July 2021 is also subject to the same directions regarding work and movement irrespective of where they are now. The need for ongoing controls will be reviewed on Friday 2 July with further announcements to follow.


You are required to stay home unless you need to:

  • obtain essential goods or services, including healthcare (including vaccinations)
  • exercise
  • attend essential work or childcare
  • assist vulnerable persons

Whilst leaving home for these reasons, you are requested to stay in your local area wherever possible.



Wearing of masks is mandatory indoors, except at home, and if you are using public transport, with exceptions for vigorous exercise, medical reasons, persons under 12 years and some employment. This direction also applies to anyone who is outside the South East, Townsville, Magnetic Island or Palm Island regions but who has been in those regions since 6pm Tuesday 29 July 2021.


All persons must carry a mask at all times when away from home.


Who can work and why:

Essential workers are any persons whose work is not listed as a restricted business activity. There are no restrictions on non-restricted business activities or undertakings outside of requirements for occupant density and mask wearing.


Be COVID-Safe:

In general, this means taking additional precautions to ensure that building surveyors are not likely to spread the contagion should they become infected. Wherever possible, it is important to limit the number of sites each person needs to attend, to wear appropriate protective equipment and sanitise hands and high touch surfaces regularly. It may also be necessary to screen workers regularly.


Those who are unable to work from home must ensure that they observe the occupant density requirements – 1 person per 2 square metres – whilst in an office environment. All workplaces must have a COVID-safe Plan in place and you must scan QR codes / register your attendance. Offices must implement enhanced cleaning processes and provide sanitising products and PPE for employee use.


How long will this last:

The restrictions that have been implemented are expected to be reviewed in coming days and if the threat of spread mitigates as hoped, restrictions are set to ease on Saturday 3 July.


More information:

The details of what has been directed can be found here.


We trust this is of assistance to you. If you believe there is anything more we could do, such as advocate for a change to mitigate impacts on your work, please let us know.