External Wall Cladding Systems

You will be aware that the use of non-conforming products and external wall cladding systems has been a hot topic within our industry for some time now.

In late May, we issued a Member Statement advising that a report into issues relating to external cladding systems was in the final stages of being completed.

In reviewing the situation, AIBS has undertaken a comprehensive investigation and, as a result, two documents have been developed - the report plus a detailed technical analysis.

The “AIBS Report - Issues Relating to the Use of External Wall Cladding Systems in Australia” summarises the issues and concerns of AIBS. The second document “AIBS Technical Discussion Paper - External Cladding Systems & the BCA” examines the issues in more depth technically in order to demonstrate the lack of clarity in the relevant sections of the Building Code of Australia.

Please use the links below to view the full Member Statement issued 30 June, the Member Statement from 25 May as well as the Report and Discussion Paper.