Lodge Your CPD Annual Return

CPD Annual Returns must be submitted annually. 

If you are an AIBS Accredited Member, your CPD Annual Return must be submitted at least one month prior to your accreditation anniversary date. 

To lodge your CPD Annual Return all you need to do is follow the simple steps below.

Complete a CPD Annual Return Form

  • The CPD Annual Return form is available as a Word document that can be completed electronically and saved. You can download this below.
  • Fill-in your membership details.
  • List the CPD activities that you have participated in during your relevant CPD period in the applicable activity table.
  • If you are unsure what activities are eligible for CPD points or what type of activity a CPD activity is categorised as, please consult the AIBS CPD Program (pages 7 – 8.) You may also send your query to cpd@aibs.com.au

Gather your supporting documentation

Submission of CPD Annual Returns for assessment requires the inclusion of documents that provide evidence you have completed the study and/or attended the events being claimed.

The responsibility for gathering proof of attendance for CPD assessment lies with the applicant.

  • AIBS will only require evidence of attendance for points claimed under Type A and Type B activities when lodging your CPD Annual Return. 
  • All other CPD activities (under Type C, D or E) are self-regulated and do not require verification by the CPD Administrator. However, these activities must be listed on your CPD Annual Return, and evidence of attendance must be retained to demonstrate that the required points have been achieved if you are audited. 
  • You should retain your records for at least the previous triennium (3 years) in addition to the current triennium records. AIBS will undertake auditing of selected CPD returns.
  • Please note that invoices, receipts, or confirmations of registration are not suitable evidence. If you are unsure what evidence you are required to provide for an activity, please consult the AIBS CPD Program (pages 4 – 5.)

Evidence of Attendance - details must include:

  • Your name, course/seminar/meeting name, date, duration, organiser/provider’s name, or;
  • A completed subjects list from the learning institution on their letterhead or academic achievement statement accessed from the student’s email from the learning institution.

Where seminars are conducted by AIBS, reference can be made to the date and activity so that the AIBS office can confirm this internally. You are not required to provide evidence of attendance for AIBS events. Please ensure you sign the attendance sheets when attending an event otherwise your attendance will not be registered.

Items or activities that do not attract CPD points are:

  • Time taken to travel to and from an event.
  • Networking and break times.

Choose your means of submission

Email submissions are preferred for all documentation for a more efficient turnaround, please email to cpd@aibs.com.au

Hard copies of the above items may be posted to:

Australian Institute of Building Surveyors
CPD Administrator
Suite 5.03, Level 5
828 Pacific Highway 

Receipt of your CPD Annual Return via email or post will be acknowledged by the CPD Administrator.

If additional supporting documentation is required, you will be contacted via email.

When your CPD Annual Return has been completed, you will be emailed a copy of your CPD Letter.

If you would prefer your letter to be sent via post, please advise the CPD Administrator cpd@aibs.com.au


AIBS CPD Annual Return
(Adobe PDF File)