Applying for AIBS Accreditation

There are three different classifications of AIBS Accreditation:

Level 1: Building Surveyor
Level 2: Building Surveyor Limited
Level 3: Assistant Building Surveyor

Please refer to the AIBS Accreditation Scheme 1 July 2020 for full details of accreditation requirements. All forms and relevant documents can be found at the bottom of this page.

The Accreditation Process has three distinct elements:


This is relevant at the first accreditation application or subsequent accreditations if the initial accreditation was allowed to lapse.

You can apply to become an Accredited Member by clicking here.

The two key aspects of the application for AIBS accreditation are educational qualifications and the experience in your Practical Experience Report as judged by appropriately skilled persons. Please find the Practical Experience Report template here. This is the required format for all accreditation applications.

Please refer to the Academic Course Listing and the AIBS Accreditation Guidelines to Demonstrate Experience for more information prior to completing your application form.

Accreditation with an Unrecognised Qualification

If you do not currently hold a completed qualification from the current AIBS Academic Course Listing, you will first need to submit your qualifications for internal assessment against the educational criteria of the Accreditation level sought. Please refer to the AIBS Process for Unrecognised Qualifications for further information.


This application is relevant for the renewal of current accreditation.

For re-accreditation (where the above is already proven and on file) the focus is on commitment to maintaining skills, as outlined in the CPD program.

Accredited persons are required to achieve the following CPD standards:

  • A minimum of 90 points over the triennium
  • A minimum of 20 points in any one year

Provided an application for re-accreditation complies with the above minimum requirements (and any conditions that are currently applied to an individual’s accreditation), accredited persons will have met their CPD obligation.

For more information on CPD Annual Returns, including the CPD Annual Return Form please see Lodging Your CPD Annual Return.

The AIBS Re-Accreditation Application Form can be downloaded by clicking here.

Please note: The Re-Accreditation Policy Notes are to be read in conjunction with your re-accreditation Application and can be viewed by clicking here.

Upgrading Your Accreditation

This process and application is relevant for those seeking a higher accreditation classification than they currently hold.
Similar to an application for accreditation, you will need to demonstrate that you have the educational qualifications and work experience required to be accredited at the level applied for.

The AIBS Accreditation Upgrade Application Form can be downloaded by clicking here.


Practical Experience Report Template
(Microsoft Excel Workbook)
Re-Accreditation Policy
(Adobe PDF File)