Draft Standards Released for Public Comment

Please find below links to several draft Standards which are currently available for public comment.  Also below is a link to a submission form template.  Please use this template when commenting so that it is clear which part of the standard you are concerned with.  The form follows the template used by Standards Australia and this will assist when AIBS submits comments to Standards Australia on your behalf.

Please feel free to submit your comments direct to Standards Australia in addition to AIBS.

Standard Reference

Standard Name

Closing date:

  AS 2699.2 Built-in components for masonry construction Park 2: Connectors and accessories 23 April 2019
 AS 2699.3 Built-in components for masonry construction, Part 3: Lintels and shelf angles (durability requirements).  23 April 2019
 AS 2699.1 Built-in components for masonry construction, Part 1: Wall ties.   23 April 2019
 AS 1735.12 Facilities for persons with disabilities for lifts. 17 May 2019
 AS/NZS 4671 Steel for the reinforcement of concrete. 31 May 2019
 AS 4420.1 Windows, external glazed, timber and composite doors. 11 June 2019
AS 2699.1
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AS 2699.2
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AS 2699.3
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AS 1735.12
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AS_NZS 4671
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AS 4420.1
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