Minister Champion Amends NCC 2022 Adoption

30 March 2023

AIBS wishes to draw members’ attention to the media release issued by Minister Champion’s office on Friday 24 March 2023 advising of the adoption dates for NCC BCA 2022 with respect to Energy Efficiency and Livable Housing Design Standard requirements. The media release can be accessed here.

These provisions were proposed to be applicable from 1 October 2023 as per the built in transitional periods in the NCC BCA 2022. The announcement indicates a 12-month delay in adoption of those provisions. Whilst the announcement makes no reference to condensation provisions, it is assumed that the built in transition related to those provisions will still apply. As such, the transition from NCC BCA 2019 Amendment 1 to NCC BCA 2022 is expected to be as follows:

    1 May 2023   1 October 2023    1 October 2024
Volume 1    Section:
A – Governance
B – Structure
C – Fire
D – Access and Egress
E – Services and Equipment
F1 to F7 – Health and Amenity 
(F8 deferred)
G1 to G6 – Ancillary Provisions 
(G7 Deferred)
I – Special Use Buildings
(Section J Deferred)
    Section F8 – Condensation
    Section G7 – Livable Housing Design
Section J – Energy Efficiency
Volume 2   Section A – Governance
Section H
(except condensation, energy efficiency and livable housing)
   H4P7 – Condensation   Part H8 – Livable Housing
Part H6 – Energy Efficiency

Please appreciate the above information is provided as a guide only and members are advised to await the release of the Regulations that will formally establish the transition provisions.