Member Alert - Adoption of NCC BCA 2022 in WA

4 May 2023

The WA government have determined to adopt the NCC BCA 2022 via an amended process which they advised about via the linked email alert.

AIBS notes that whilst the adoption process advises of the dates that are applicable for adoption, it does not describe the transition process that must be applied when assessing projects that run over an adoption date e.g., for projects that have multiple stages and, potentially, different editions of the NCC applied to each stage. AIBS is aware that this issue has not been satisfactorily addressed since the introduction of the Building Act in 2012 and is also common to other jurisdictions across Australia. 

Until advice is provided by the WA government about how to manage this aspect of the transition to NCC BCA 2022, we recommend members seek their own independent advice about how to ensure the correct version of technical requirements is applied to projects that run over relevant adoption dates.

AIBS is working to support members to better understand the implications of this change and will provide any guidance it can as soon as it is available.