Industry Guide: ABCB Livable Housing Design Standard

23 March 2023

AIBS is pleased to have contributed to the development of the attached checklist which has been developed in conjunction with the building Designers Association Australia and Master Builders to support industry to better understand implementation of the ABCB Livable Housing Design Standard.

Adoption of the new design standard requirements will not occur uniformly across Australia and not before 1 October 2023. To date, our understanding of the adoption is as follows:
ACT – Unknown (NCC BCA Variations are yet to be published)
NSW – 1 Oct 2023
NT – 1 Oct 2023
Qld – 1 Oct 2023
SA – 1 Oct 2023*
Vic – 1 Oct 2023
WA – 1 May 2024
Tas – 1 Oct 2024

* Minister Champion has indicated consideration is being given to delayed adoption of some provisions which may include the Livable Housing Design Standard.
Whilst the checklist does not address all of the requirements that arise in the standard, it is designed to reflect the likely most commonly used solutions and thereby provide the most practical assistance across industry. 

Please take care to ensure the guide is used to assist where it is relevant.