Developer Review Panel - QLD

You may have seen the recent Department of Energy and Public Works Newsflash 599 regarding the Developer Review Panel work plan (copy attached for reference). The Review “follows building and construction industry feedback about the important role of developers, and the need to examine the impact of their financial and operational capacity, ethical behaviour and work practices.”

AIBS invites you to provide us with your comments on the role of developers in the industry. AIBS is actively engaged in this project as a member of the industry reference group and has already advised that AIBS believes it is important that a registration or licensing scheme be established. Our view is that this would not impose qualification benchmarks. Instead, it would allow the regulator to ensure that only fit and proper persons were able to participate and additionally, it would allow consumers and industry in general to understand who is involved or was involved in any development, adding a layer of accountability and also driving a need to protect any ability to continue to participate in the industry.

Members who have any views on this consultation may wish to share them with AIBS so that these can then be included in an AIBS submission. If you have feedback to share, could you please send this to [email protected] before 30 May 2022.

Further information on this Review can be found here.  

Newsflash 599
(Adobe PDF File)