AIBS - Celebrating 60 Years

This year marks the 60th anniversary of AIBS, our professional organisation, and I’d like to take just a few minutes to reflect on what that means for us as members.

Sixty years ago today, 22 March, 1962, a group of Local Government and State Government employed building surveyors joined together in Victoria and established AIBS as an incorporated not for profit entity with ideals of bringing together and supporting those who dedicated their careers to the pursuit of building surveying. It wasn’t long before AIBS gained support from building surveyors in other States and Territories who were working in Government and in private practice and today, AIBS continues to be the only organisation representing building surveyors in all Australian jurisdictions.

We have many reasons to be proud to belong to an organisation that has given six decades of continuous service to building surveying. 

Read the full Member Communique below.