Building Confidence Report (BCR) Model Guidance Publication

Last Friday, the ABCB published all model guidance documents and associated material prepared in response to the Building Confidence Report (BCR) and as directed by Building Ministers.

More detail on the announcement by the ABCB can be found here.
The model guidance covers a range of topics including:

•           A national registration framework for building practitioners;
•           CPD on the NCC and ethics;
•           Documentation and the approval process;
•           Third party review;
•           Minimum mandatory inspections;
•           Engagement with fire authorities; and
•           Codes of conduct for building surveyors and fire engineers.
All model guidance and related material can be accessed or downloaded at 
You can also download the BCR Implementation Report (December 2021), summarising the project outputs and future opportunities. 
The Board of AIBS would like to acknowledge the contribution of the AIBS Technical Team led by Jeremy Turner who provided a number of submissions to this process, often under very tight time constraints that enabled the profession of building surveying to be professionally represented in this project.

AIBS will make further comment once we have had the opportunity to properly consider the range of measures that have been presented, but member comments can be sent to [email protected] for consideration as part of this process.