New Women Building Surveyors Program for Victoria

AIBS welcomes the recent announcement of the Women Building Surveyors Program by the State Government of Victoria and we are pleased to have played a role in its development. 

The new program aims to create more opportunities for women to train as municipal building surveyors in local Councils. The statement by Minister for Local Government Shaun Leane can be found here.

For some years now, AIBS has been working to increase the proportion of women among the building surveying ranks so when we were approached recently by the Victorian Government requesting advice on the development of the Women Building Surveyors Program we did not hesitate to become involved.

The Government is aiming to create new roles for up to 40 women involved in the new program in January 2021 and AIBS will play a supportive role through the programs we currently offer to members. This includes access to NEXUS, our online discussion forum and also the creation of a special NEXUS platform set up especially for women in building surveying to get in touch and support each other.

We’ll also be providing access for the new recruits to the AIBS student platform on NEXUS and we are working on establishing a mentoring program through our well-established professional development and education programs to support those women who are successful in their applications for one of the new positions.

With business and investment optimism returning after a difficult year in 2020, this is an exciting time to start a new career in the building and construction industry. And never has the time been better for women to consider building surveying as a rewarding career choice.

AIBS looks forward to continuing to work with the State Government of Victoria to encourage and support increased participation by women in the building surveying workforce.

To understand more about this exciting new program, more detailed information can be found here.