COVID-19 Stage Four Restrictions Construction Industry Information - VIC

4 August 2020

Please note that the latest details of essential worker status for the construction industry have been released detailing Stage 4 requirements.

Essentially, everyone must have a COVID Safe Plan for businesses they operate and everyone must follow COVID Safe Plans for the sites or businesses they visit as an essential worker.

Construction of critical and essential infrastructure and services to support these projects is permitted on site, along with critical repairs to residential premises, for emergency or safety.  There are limitations on ‘large scale construction’ related to the numbers of personnel permitted on site and with strict COVID Safe Plan controls in place.

Small scale construction is also restricted to just five workers on site at any time, operating with a strict plan.

On the advice we have been provided regarding visiting multiple sites, inspections by building surveyors and or inspectors  performing statutory roles are not impacted in that way.  Building surveyors and inspectors performing statutory functions are services to support essential projects and are permitted to visit multiple sites, strictly following COVID Safe Plan requirements for each site as well as operating with their own COVID Safe Plan.

For more details on the construction sector restrictions and restrictions applying to other sectors, please click here.

AIBS provides further information about the pandemic and each government’s response to the pandemic here.

We will shortly be updating our reference pages in relation to the economic response to the pandemic.

If any members are experiencing any difficulty or hardship arising from the stage four pandemic mitigation measures, please make use of the links to the various support agencies linked here, speak to a colleague or anyone you know. Lifeline, Beyond Blue, and Mates in Construction are some of the organisations you can reach out to for assistance in this time.