AIBS Professional Development Audit Program – Member Consultation

As part of our ongoing development of professional standards for the professional of building across the country, AIBS has developed a Professional Audit Program for Building Surveyors and is now seeking your feedback on the program.

Recent changes to AIBS National Accreditation Scheme, effective from 01 July 2020, now provide for the Professional Audit Program to audit all accredited building surveyors.   As previously advised however, the intention is not to commence auditing until early to mid-2021.

The aim of the AIBS Audit Program is to provide a fair and equitable audit system that encourages the application of high standards of professional ethics and practices through consistent implementation and compliance with legislative and technical requirements.

The Audit Program sets out what it is looking for, the standards that have to be met, who will undertake the auditing, why candidates will be selected, how candidates will be audited as well as how often.  Audits will cover consumer protection, administrative, code of conduct, ethical, competence, and business administration components of practice, as well as technical and legislative compliance.

AIBS welcome your feedback on the draft Professional Audit Program which can be found below.  Feedback should be provided to [email protected] 

The next stage following this consultation will be to fully develop and outline the audit process, including appointment of audit panels and how they will operate along with the proposed costs of auditing.

We thank you for your ongoing support and look forward to your comments.