What to Expect in NCC 2019

The ABCB recently published the January edition of Connect which provides details of what to expect in NCC 2019. An article written by AIBS National Technical Manager Jeremy Turner explaining the crucial role of the building surveyor and how this profession is keeping up-to-date with this ever changing industry is also included.

Please see the January issue of Connect below.

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What to expect in NCC 2019


Find out what changes are being introduced for NCC 2019, key dates and resourcesavailable to help you understand the changes.

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Documents considered as part of a Performance Solution (Update 9)

The ABCB's BCC and PCC has agreed to further documents as being suitable for referencing in the 2019 edition of the NCC.

Construction of sanitary compartments

Are you aware of the NCC requirements for sanitary requirements and how they should be applied?

Using and navigating the PCA online

Like the BCA, the PCA has seen some improvements following the digitisation of the NCC. Find out about these changes to help you when using the PCA online.

Updated NCC Tutor for 2019

An updated 2019 version of the ABCB's educational product, NCC Tutor will be released soon.

Coming soon...a modern NCC online!

Improvements and enhancements are coming. Find out what has changed for NCC 2019.

Prevention of thermal expansion in closed loop firesprinkler systems

Find out how the PCA can help manage thermal expansion in a closed sprinkler system.

Staying connected in the ever-changing building world

Jeremy Turner, the National Technical Manager for AIBS explains the crucial role of the building surveyor and how thisprofession is keeping up-to-datewiththis ever changing industry.

Enhanced NCC education and training

The ABCB has been engaging with industry as it explores NCC education and training activities to build industry capacity.