24 June 2019

On Tuesday, the QLD Ministerial Construction Council released a communique following a meeting of the council. This communique can be found here.

In this communique, Industry was asked to respond to 5 proposed reforms within 48 hours. The AIBS response to the proposed reforms are can be found here.

Once again, AIBS reiterate our position on professional indemnity insurance;

  1. AIBS is calling for action from government designed to ensure that insurers can confidently participate in this market. We need insurers to understand that existing buildings with potential or actual cladding risk are not going to become new claims on new policies.
  2. The only way to do this is for governments to create a fund that is used for remediation of combustible cladding on all existing building stock.
  3. Alternatively, governments need to change the registration rules for building surveyors so that they can be registered with insurance policies that exclude cover for claims for combustible cladding on existing buildings and at the same time, governments must underwrite that risk so that building surveyors/certifiers can confidently remain in business.
  4. Without this underwriting, consumer protection for the legacy work undertaken over the past 21 years of private certification will be lost as a result of the ‘Claims Made’ insurance system not being maintained exclusion free.
  5. There needs to be a strong, national, unified approach by the Federal, and all State & Territory Governments to resolve this issue. 

AIBS will be releasing a further statement this week with a national update on PI Insurance.

Once again we remind members that we understand you might be experiencing considerable stress brought on by this crisis, but if you find that you are struggling to deal with the pressure of your current situation, please reach out for support to your family, friends or one of the mental health services in your area or nationally. 

Some contacts are below: 
Beyond Blue – 1300 22 4636 
Lifeline – 13 11 14 
Black Dog Institute – 13 11 14

Kind regards,
Brett Mace
Chief Executive Officer