AIBS Women's Special Advisory Group

10th May 2019

At their last meeting, the Board of AIBS approved the formation of a Women’s Special Advisory Group in order to promote greater gender equity not just in AIBS, but in the profession of Building Surveying.

Previously these interests were represented through the WAIBS Branch, but the structure of the AIBS Branch Management Policy which the Branch came under was prohibitive and did not allow the Branch to undertake the full scope of work required for this important area.

As a result, the AIBS Board have now approved the Terms of Reference (TOR) for the Women’s Special Advisory Group which will now sit alongside other key special advisory groups like the Technical and Education Special Advisory Groups providing important advice to the AIBS Board. The Terms of Reference can be found here.

Further to the approval of these TOR’s, the Board have also appointed Emma Strickland, currently acting unofficially as a Chapter Committee member on the NSW/ACT Chapter Committee as the chair to initially guide the formation of the group. This initial appointment is until July 2020.

AIBS are now seeking Expressions of Interest (EOI) from interested AIBS members to become a member of this Special Advisory Group. In this EOI, members should outline their background in the profession, any roles they have undertaken in a similar area and also their motivation for being part of this group or any other information they feel relevant. EOI’s will close at 5pm on Monday 3rd June 2019 and should be sent to

It is the intention that once this Special Advisory Group is formed, the appointed members will then further review the TOR and make recommendations back to the AIBS Board for any further changes or additions.

Further information on the Women’s Special Advisory group may be obtained from Member Services Manager Karyn McGrigor at or on 1300 312 427.

On a final note, the Board of AIBS would like to acknowledge the work of Sandra Sear with the WAIBS Branch and her efforts to raise the profile of gender equity in AIBS and the profession.

Kind regards,

Brett Mace
Chief Executive Officer