Urgent Advice - CodeMark Certificates Withdrawn

20 February 2019

We have recently become aware that several CodeMark Certificates have been withdrawn.  We don’t yet know when this occurred as there has not been any formal announcement to industry about this.  To view the current status of CodeMark Certificates, please click here.

If you sort the full list (333 items) by status, you can more easily find the list of suspended and withdrawn certificates.

We understand that there may be recall notices issued where a defect in a certificate warrants this and to date, we are not aware of any recall notices having been issued.  

We are in the process of making enquiries with the ABCB and Building Ministers to find out when they were made aware that these certificates were withdrawn and what the implications for members will be…and owners of properties that have been constructed using these products.

We will keep you informed.

Kind regards,
The Member Services Team