The Shergold Weir Report

30 April 18

A landmark report that is likely to have a big impact on the future directions of the profession of building surveying was made public by the Building Ministers’ Forum in April 2018.

Titled Building Confidence – Improving the effectiveness of compliance and enforcement systems for the building and construction industry across Australia, the report by Professor Peter Shergold and Ms Bronwyn Weir was commissioned last year by the BMF. The BMF directed Shergold and Weir to examine a range of issues outlined in comprehensive terms of reference for their work. One of the issues the Ministers raised was the “integrity of private certification.”

The resulting report has put the role of the building surveyor under the microscope, and will doubtless have a noticeable impact on the profession of building surveying. AIBS urges our members to read the full report, available to download below.