Walk N Talk Community Event

10 August 2017

You are invited to join a group of fellow Building Surveyors and building regulations professionals for a Walk ‘n’ Talk event.

Walk ‘n’ Talk is an initiative that aims to gather people for a casual 1-hr walk, and to talk openly about Mental Health & Suicide to help foster conversations and listening between people in an effort to avoid Suicide and to reduce the effects of Mental Health.

This event was triggered and organised by a group of Building Surveyors and associated professionals who tragically lost a popular, well liked valued friend and colleague to Suicide in the past 12-months.

The view of the group is that a Walk ‘n’ Talk event would be well received by Building Surveyors and associated building regulations professionals, including, but certainly not limited to, the people directly affected by the recent loss of our friend & colleague to Suicide.

So, when the group decided to organise a Walk ‘n’ Talk event, we decided not only to open the event to the general community, but wanted to specifically extend the invite to Building Surveyor and associated professionals through industry specific media channels.

Simply by conducting a Walk ‘n’ Talk event such as this, we can avoid Suicide and reduce the effects of Mental Health.

This is the first Walk ‘n’ Talk in the Sutherland Shire and certainly the first specifically aimed at Building Surveyors and associated professionals.

The event is open to all Building Surveyors and associated professionals who believe in the cause and certainly for anyone whose life is / has been touched by Suicide &/or Mental Health issues.

Further details will soon be available on Facebook and other media.

Date – 24 September 2017 
Time – 9am 
Cost – Free! This is not a fundraiser. 
Event – 1-hr walk through Parc Menai. 
Registration – by indicating by comment on our Facebook site (Like Walk N Talk) or on the day 
If you are not on Facebook and would like to participate, please contact Jeremy Dicello 0403 651 865

Inclusions – 
  * Free sausage sizzle & drink. 
  * Meet / be around awesome friendly people from the community and have a laugh. 
  * Hear from a well-known person who has been affected by Mental Health &/or Suicide.
  * Make a positive difference to the lives of people touched by Suicide &/or Mental Health. 
  * Save lives.