AIBS Senate Hearing - Inquiry Into Non-Conforming Building Products

21 July 2017

Please find below the Australian Institute of Building Surveyors submission related to the inquiry hearing to be held in Sydney on Wednesday 19th July 2017 together with seven (7) attachments. The attachments are:

1. A – 2015 AIBS Submission to the Senate Economics Reference Committee for NBCP 
2. B – 2017 AIBS Submission to the Senate Economics Reference Committee for NBCP
3. C – Issues Relating to the Use of External Wall Cladding Systems in Australia
4. D – External Wall Cladding Systems and the Building Code of Australia.
5. E – Australia’s Building Regulatory System
6. F – Current Mandatory Inspection Regime across all Jurisdictions 
7. G – Darryl O’Brien published paper on NCBP 

Senate Submission July 2017
(Adobe PDF File)
Hansard Transcripts
(Adobe PDF File)

Member Message - 21 July 2017

Below is the message sent to AIBS members via email regarding the Senate Economics Reference Committee Inquiry into Non-conforming building products (NCBP).

Dear Members,

As you will be aware, AIBS appeared before the Senate Economics Reference Committee Inquiry into Non-conforming building products (NCBP) on Wednesday 19 July 2017 in Sydney. This third inquiry into NCBP was focussed on the use of external cladding.

AIBS was represented by National President Timothy Tuxford, Board Director Troy Olds and AIBS NCBP Representative Dr Darryl O'Brien. AIBS representation was the only one ensuring that the voice of building surveyors is being heard.

Prior to this appearance, AIBS tabled our submission which has now been authorised by the Senate Committee for public release and can be found here. Included along with our submission are the opening statements at the hearing from both the National President and Darryl O'Brien.

Feedback from members who listened to this public hearing were quite positive and we were also encouraged by the comments and questioning from the Senate Committee of Senator Chris Ketter (Chair), Senator Nick Xenophon and Senator Kim Carr.

Our submission focused on assisting the Senate Committee to better understand what may have led to the current situation with external cladding, but more importantly we put forward recommendations as to how this might be remedied.

It was put to the Senate Inquiry that considering
   • the large number of buildings that could be affected with combustible cladding;
   • the long period over which the cladding material has been used; and
   • the fact that this issue is not limited to one state or even one country,
the problem that we are facing here in Australia is not the result of a few building industry practitioners cutting corners, or a few certifiers turning a blind eye, as has been suggested by some individuals and organisations.

AIBS believes this is a systemic problem and detailed research and investigation is needed to identify the root-cause of why non-compliant external wall cladding has been installed on so many buildings in Australia over the past 30 years.

AIBS put forward six recommendations which are contained within our submission and I would encourage you to read these.

On a final note, we were heartened by comments in the media by the Chair of the Committee Senator Ketter referring to our evidence at the hearing that the message from building surveyors is being heard. You can listen to this interview here.  

When the transcripts of the hearing are available from Hansard, we will make these available on our website.

AIBS will continue to actively represent the interests of building surveyors nationally and we appreciate your continued support through your membership.

Brett Mace 
Chief Executive Officer