VALE - Barry Goold - AIBS Life Fellow

The Australian Institute of Building Surveyors (AIBS) wish to advise the Victorian Chapter members of the sad passing of Mr Barry Goold, a Life Fellow of AIBS.

Below are some words written by Mr Drew Wadsworth, LFAIBS.

Barry was at the foundations of both professions as we know them today, and his name was synonymous with the development and heritage  of  Hawthorn. Conservation of St James Park above the Yarra River was his doing, and  it was the first  in the state He was a Foundation Member of the Municipal Town Planners Association. (Now merged with RAPI then PIA).

Barry was Treasurer for the Australian Institute of Building Surveyors for many years, and his Council encouraged him to hold AIBS meetings at Hawthorn Town Hall.

Dimity Reed, noted Architect, Broadcaster and Academic wrote that Barry was the DOYEN of building surveyors.

Other architects called him "Top Cat" out of respect.

Still today builders are amazed at his power of words and concepts which can neutralize a whole street of objectors. Barry's exquisite vocabulary arose from devouring the dictionary with his sandwiches and daily Kit Kat when he came off the tools and into local government.

Ever respectful, he was nature's gentleman - and very kind and caring.

His fastidiousness was seen to the end as "Urban Planning and Development". (His practice); and he remains an Unlimited Registered Building Surveyor - with the Victorian Government until mid 2017.

Barry's network comprises the "who's who" of Building Control - on both sides of the counter.

It was tough in the early days, walking the tight rope between the post war Regulations and the rise of Rag Trade Builders. So Barry and cohorts (being his opposite numbers at all inner eastern councils) met for Friday lunch at a rotation of Richmond pubs. They arrived as the kitchen was closing, but ate well in the privacy of the back room, and for over a decade enjoyed camaraderie, education in diplomacy or gentle assertiveness. These friendships hold today, 40 years later.

Barry Goold. Your watch is over. Rest now. You have successfully protected the health, safety and amenity of this state's built environment for five decades.

Barry’s funeral will be held at St Oswald's Anglican Church 96 High St Glen Iris on Thursday 20 October 2016 at 1.00pm. Private Cremation. 

In lieu of flowers donations to Seeing Eye Dogs of Australia would be appreciated. Envelopes available at the Church.