Key New Initiative Announcement

The AIBS is delighted to announce the Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) have recently agreed to a co-operative arrangement with AIBS to introduce co-branded “AIBS/ABCB Performance Workshops” at each of our conferences throughout 2017. The development of these performance workshops will be a collaboration between the ABCB’s Education Team and the AIBS Technical Department led by National Technical Manager Jeremy Turner.

Our conference programs for 2017 will now feature two professional workshops (one on each day) following the ABCB model used at their national conference events in years past.

The format is for a professional presentation on the requirements around a particular topic to be given ahead of a series of scenario exercises undertaken by delegates within small groups.  The scenarios are designed to give participants exposure to the information gathering and decision making processes applicable to particular topics so that first hand understanding of the issues arising from the topic can be gained.

The session concludes with each group of delegates presenting their experience and an opportunity to discuss in an open forum the issues arising with the key professional presenter(s).

Two workshop topics have been identified for 2017, the first being Performance Solutions around Indoor Air Quality highlighting recent changes to requirements for natural and mechanical ventilation and the ABCB’s Handbook on IAQ.    The second focusses on Performance Solutions around developments involving Existing Buildings highlighting the ABCB’s Handbook on Existing Buildings.  

Our first conference to feature this exciting new initiative will be the SA conference on 23-24 March next year at the Adelaide Oval.

The AIBS are very appreciative of the co-operation and support of the ABCB in the development of this exciting new initiative, a key part of the AIBS Professional Development Program and we look forward to your continued support as a member in the ongoing development of the profession.