AIBS Membership

Several levels of AIBS membership are available, which means that there is a membership level for you from when you commence your building surveying study right through to your retirement. 

The following membership levels are available:

Practicing Members

  • Member
  • Accredited Member
  • Fellow
  • Accredited Fellow
  • Life Fellow
  • Accredited Life Fellow

Practicing Member eligibility and requirement can be found below.

As of 01 January 2021, any new Member wishing to join AIBS as a Practicing Member or be reinstated as a Practicing Member is required to submit an Accredited Member application.
As of 01 July 2023, all Practicing Members of AIBS will be required to become Accredited Members. Transition arrangements for current Members are outlined in the full Membership Policy.

It should be noted that at the commencement of an AIBS Professional Standards Scheme for Building Surveyors, all Practicing Members will be subject to the Professional Standards Scheme unless exempted in accordance with the exemption provisions in the Professional Standards Scheme.

Non-Practicing Members 

  • Retired Member 
  • Life Fellow – (Retired) 
  • Retired Fellow
  • Associate 
  • International Associate 
  • International Accredited Member
  • Complimentary Member
  • Student
  • Graduate

Non-Practicing Member eligibility and requirement can be found below.

For further details on the levels of membership AIBS provides, please refer to the Membership Policy below.