Course Accreditation

If you are seeking to have your course accredited by AIBS, the first step is to contact the AIBS Education Administrator on Following this, the AIBS Education Administrator will then follow up to gain further information, such as course details and available dates for the AIBS Panel visit.

Following confirmation that the accreditation assessment will take place, the AIBS will establish a Panel to undertake a review of your course.

In summary, the assessment process is based on the following:

  • The teaching and learning environment
  • The structure and content of the program
  • The quality assurance framework

While there is no cost to list the course as ‘AIBS Accredited’, costs associated with the assessment are borne by the applying respective Educational Institution. For further details on what these costs entail, please contact the Education Administrator. 

To have your course accredited, fill in this form and submit it to the Education Administrator at


AIBS Self Assessment Form
(Microsoft Word Document)