Our Role

Providing oversight for compliance with safety standards for built environment.

The role of Building Surveyors has evolved into many professional disciplines within the building industry, as professionals who assess, certify and inspect building works; as consultants working in design, fire safety, energy efficiency and access solutions; as educators and expert witnesses in support of the legal process. The profession will continue to evolve and grow as the skills and abilities are incorporated into new and developing construction and building management roles within the community.

Primarily, Building Surveyors have a statutory responsibility for ensuring buildings are safe to occupy, energy efficient, accessible and meet all legal requirements. They review, analyse and assess plans for compliance to current standards, conduct inspections and issue relevant legislative permits, certification and approvals. They are required to be competent in local council, State and Territory legislation, guidelines, codes, policies and ministerial directions, as well as the National Construction Code and associated Australian Standards. They also need to keep abreast of technical and innovative changes in the building industry.

Building Surveyors may be employed within local government or may work in a commercial environment as single operators, or in a corporate environment or high volume building surveying businesses.

The responsibilities of building surveying professionals extend well beyond review of and ordering compliance with legislation, regulation or codes. It is a hands-on role where onsite inspections are carried out at specified intervals during the building process to ensure buildings are structurally sound, fit for purpose and able to be occupied. Therefore, the competency of the individual building surveyor is central to safeguarding all sections of the community.

AIBS has committed to establishing a number of national policies that will reflect what the Institute believes are best practice that reflect our vital role in ensuring the built environment is safe.