Our Committees

The AIBS has a number of Committees consisting of representation from each Chapter. Each National Committee is chaired by an appointed National Board Director.

National Technical Committee

  • Duncan Wilson – Chair Board Representative (WA)
  • Wayne Liddy – Deputy Chair Board Representative (VIC)
  • Russell Grove (NSW/ACT)
  • Brendan Bennett (NSW/ACT)
  • Stan Spyrou (QLD/NT)
  • Zig Osis (SA)
  • John Mazzarolo (SA)
  • Gary Gommers (VIC)
  • Joseph Genco (VIC)
  • Geoff Mitchell - BCA Representative (QLD/NT)
  • Jeremy Tutner - Independent (SA)

National Accreditation Committee

  • Terry Bush – Chair (SA)
  • Penny Whinney-Houghton (QLD/NT)
  • Greg Doman (NSW/ACT)
  • Damian O’Shannassy (NSW/ACT
  • George Capetanakis (Board Appointed)
  • Mary Andruchowycz (Board Appointed)

National Education Review Panel

  • Terry Bush – Chair Board Representative
  • Darryl O’Brien – Board Appointed (QLD/NT) Tertiary Sector
  • Stephen Scimonello (VIC) Tertiary Sector
  • Jeremy Dicello (NSW) VET Sector
  • Barrie Titheradge (QLD) VET Sector
  • John Mazzarolo (SA) – Membership Rep
  • John Wilson (QLD) – Membership Rep