AIBS in Your State

Each Chapter is represented by Chapter Executive Committees (CEC), the members of which are elected by the Members of each Chapter every two years.

The AIBS has six Chapters as follows:

  • Tasmania
  • Victoria
  • Western Australia
  • South Australia
  • Queensland/Northern Territory

The role of the CEC is to represent the members, and be the face of the profession in their respective jurisdictions and legislative authorities. Further to this, as the caretakers of the profession, the focus for each CEC is to raise and address issues impacting on the profession in their respective legislative jurisdiction.

With CECs being an integral part of the National Organisation, the National Board continually seeks representation from the CEC on the National Committees to guide the Board in policy development across all aspects of the organisation. This structure provides direct input on the key areas for AIBS and the profession and ensures the flow of information both to and from the National Board to the CEC. The process also ensures consistent and equal representation on the development of national policy across all jurisdictions.

The CECs work with the member services team in the National Office in the organisation, management and implementation of conferences and other events as identified by the CEC.

The CEC may establish sub-committees as required, to assist and advise on specific issues or specialised areas. The day to day management of each Chapter Executive and the Chapter, including all correspondence and financial management which is overseen by the CEO, is managed through the AIBS Office.