Our Chapter Committees

The Chapter Committees of AIBS for 2016-2018 are comprised of the following members.

NSW/ACT Chapter

Brendan Bennett
Russel Grove 
Alan Host
Bob Killorn 
Greg Meyers 
Damian O'Shannassy  
Tim Tuxford – Ex Officio (Board Director & National President)

QLD/NT Chapter

Geoff Mitchell 
Penny Whinney-Houghton 
John Wilson
Stacy Kennedy– Ex Officio (Board Director)
Official Chapter Committee not yet formed due to insufficient numbers

VIC Chapter

Con Giazi 
Glynn Lewis
Stephen Scimonello
Michelle Surgeon 
Wayne Liddy– Ex Officio (Board Director)

SA Chapter

Mike Thomas (Chapter President)
Grant Hewitt
John Mazzarolo
Tony Travaglione
Brad Willmott  
Troy Olds – Ex Officio (Board Director)

WA Chapter

Duncan Wilson (Chapter President)
Mark Fortey 
Michael Rendell 
Merv Stewart  
Gary Fitzgerald– Ex Officio (Board Director)

TAS Chapter

Roland Wierenga (Chapter President) 

Ashley Beardwood
Steve Bramich
Barry Magnus 
Ross Murphy 
Gabriel Barnes– Ex Officio (Board Director)

To view the Chapter Committees from 2014-2016, please click here.

Any communication for the Chapter Executive Committees must be directed to the AIBS Chapter Administrator.
Email: chapteradmin1@aibs.com.au
Phone: 1300 312 427
Post: Ground Floor, 15 Bridge Street
Pymble NSW 2073